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Contemporary Lighting USC – Greif Center

Contemporary Lighting USC – Greif Center

PROJECT: Contemporary Chandeliers

WHERE: University of Southern California, USC Marshall School of Business in the Jill & Frank Fertitta Hall, 5th floor at The Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, Los Angeles, California

Two large contemporary custom chandeliers were ordered from Frontier Ironworks Inc. for the lobby of The Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies by the interior design firm, Advent, of Nashville, Tennessee. The design of the ceiling mount chandeliers was to be modeled on the existing logo for the Grief Center.

The Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies is among the nation’s leaders in entrepreneurship education and research. This top-rated program among business schools offers undergraduate and graduate programs designed to help students acquire the tools, develop the skills, and cultivate the mindset central to organizing, launching, and managing successful new ventures.

Entrepreneurial characteristics influenced the design concept of the light fixtures. The red glowing rod in the center represents the independent thinker with original thought; distinguishable in a group; influencing the overall experience.

Frontier Ironworks Inc. started building mock ups, and with Advent’s direction, refined the design to what is hanging at the Center today. The project started with designated materials that would integrate into Advent’s elemental choices. Eucalyptus wood and iron frame with brushed nickel finish would be used as the face of the wall mount. Forty-two sleek 2-inch diameter solid clear acrylic rods illuminated by white LED low voltage lights would drop as a community of illumination, but one rod, in the center would be illuminated by a striking red LED.

Each fixture is 72-inches in overall length and 48-inches in overall width.

Frontier Ironworks Inc. created and installed the inspirational and sculptural lighting on time and on budget.

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