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New York, New York

New York, New York

PROJECT: Linear Chandelier

WHERE: Park Avenue; New York, New York

Frontier Ironworks Inc. DBA FLW is a custom design/build company that specializes in UL listed custom lighting, from large chandeliers to pendants to wall sconces to anything your imagination can think up.  With all of the advances in LED technology over the last 10 years we are constantly working to stay at the forefront of the latest green solutions to better accommodate an ever evolving clientele.

We have had the opportunity of working with several clients over the past years that have challenged us with thinking outside the box and the Linear Chandelier is no exception to what has been produced from that thinking.

Over the recent years oversized lighting has become more popular in homes, there are many places in your home where a big and bold light would add just the right style. For example, the Linear Chandelier is a versatile option for both your living room and dining area. The process of the Linear Chandelier project started early 2016 with a concept, followed with a 3D wire mockup and video to give the client a better idea of how the light would actually look from every angle. Continuing the process with finding the proper shade for this light, after going through several options that were not working, we stumbled across the idea of using a metal spinning company to make each individual shade. Quickly after that the light started coming to life!

The Linear Chandelier is located in New York, New York right off Park Avenue. Park Avenue dates back to the early 1800’s and is now known for its notable architecture and is a desired location for Fortune 500 companies. The Linear Chandelier not only creates an exciting and audacious statement but it also creates an instant focal point to effectively capture attention of a dramatic element.


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